Crushing curiosity one piece of content at a time, the Crushing Defeat Podcast itself covers topics on the fringes of society and culture. (2019 Updates coming!)

As this project progresses we will journey deeper and deeper into the curious and the interesting. Drifting further and further from the mainstream.


Crushing Defeat is a hodgepodge brand of content in active development.
You may have found it because of the old podcast episodes (more coming soon!). Or maybe because of my YouTube videos about Final Fantasy 14. Ultimately, the vagueness of the brand allows us to share with the world anything we desire.

I Sincerely hope you find something within it to enjoy!

Cheers, Blake


YouTube Channel now has Final Fantasy 14 Videos! Click Here

"Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (TDCS)" On the Podcast Page

In Episode 7 - TDCS, Blake and Dan discuss and Experiment with a Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation device. Does it work? Does it improve memory function? Does it improve mood? Does it fry your brain? Find out now!